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Fountains & Fountainettes

Water fountains have become very popular over the last decade and everyday people are realizing the benefits a fountain can have.

Fountains Promote Stress Relief & Relaxation

Everyone has a little stress in their life and could use some stress relief and relaxation at the end of a hard day.  With its soothing sounds of flowing water your water fountain will bring stress relief and relaxation to your environment.  Besides the relaxation and beauty, having a garden fountain inside or outside has been found to improve health. The holistic living approach is that moving / flowing water releases negative ions into the air, in return acts as a natural air purifier. 

Easy Care of Your Cast Stone Fountain

If possible, place the fountain in an open area so that debris isn't constantly falling into it. To keep the fountain clean and working well, it is wise to spray the fountain and pump down with a hose every couple months. These simple steps are all you need to preserve your garden fountain for years.

Winter Care for Your Cast Stone Fountain

To care for a garden fountain, you must protect it from the elements. During winter months the pump should be removed from the fountain and brought inside to protect from freezing.  All concrete, including cast stone is porous and cold weather can often crack these surfaces.  If a fountain is completely dry in freezing conditions, it will most likely be protected, but if there is any moisture, it is susceptible to cracking. Indiana Mulch & Stone suggest purchasing one of the winter covers we carry in stock to keep the fountain dry and clean of debris over the winter months.

Available Fountain Colors

 Our imaginative collection of colors and stains cover the gamut from the classics to the latest trends, so you're sure to find just the right shade to match your personal style. But please remember that because we photograph our products in different settings under various lighting conditions, the actual color and finish may vary from those shown on this page and throughout the website. 
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