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Bubbling Boulders & Basin Reservoirs

Fountains and bubbling boulders are a low maintenance option for both large and small areas. Bubbling boulders can balance your landscape and create the soothing sound of water to promote a serene environment.  Bubbling boulders are most popular around patios, pools, decks, and gardens. Each bubbling boulder is unique in color, shape and size due to natural anomalies within the earth. Indiana Mulch & Stone welcomes you to browse our large selection of sandstone, granite and decorative boulders. Once you find a boulder of your liking we can drill it for you. We have other designs like granite bowls, hand carved granite columns, mill stones and more... 

Bubbling Boulders are great for people who travel a lot, have small children or don’t want to spend much time on upkeep.  Bubbling Boulders utilize an underground reservoir where the water vanishes into the ground rather than collecting in a pond or pool. They’re cheaper to build, require the least maintenance out of all water features and there’s no standing water for kids or animals to drown. 

Bubbling Boulders are perfect for front yards or outside fences without fear of liability.  Bubbling Boulders can easily be utilized without an underground reservoir in your existing pond or water feature to create additional character.  There are countless unique possibilities associated with Bubbling Boulders, let your imagination run and come visit us today.
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